Seed Trials

Seed Trials

The Great Parsley Germination Investigation 2006

Right-ho, I have, for once, listened to the advice kindly given to me, and the options were do them all, pick one version and feel guilty about justifying ignoring the rest, or sit back and do nothing.

Bizarrely I have chosen to do them all and, using a spanking new packet of parsely "Big Mountain" which T&M kindly gave me for some reason, I have sown in multiporpoise, a big 6 cell (really 6 decent pots stuck together) tray with the following:

1) Seed soaked in cold tap water
2) Seed soaked in warm tap water
3) Seed soaked in boiling water just out of the kettle
4) Seed put in compost, boiling water poured over and soil put straight on top
5) Seed just sown straight in compost with no fancy goings-on
6) Seed to be sown in a day or two which is soaking in what was warm water. It's in a glass on the sunny kitchen window, I shall probably sow it on Monday, I think, in the final cell.

The tray is going to live in the cold greenhouse, so although it's not a perfect experiment by any means it should show me what, if any, is the best method for the way I want to sow things. The heated propogator is having a break now the chillis and toms are done and before I think about any squashes etc so I decided not to try that.

Of course if none of it comes up it'll probably be the dodgy seed again


1st place - heated propogator, up 11 May and still going strongest
Joint 2nd place - boiling water soak, long soak, and cold water soak, up 14 May
5th place - hot water soak and no soak, up 15 May
7th place - poured boiling water on finally poking its head up 17 May but quite poor germination by the look of it, I think it might be that the seeds got swirled everywhere and/or pushed down in to the soil by the water being poured on even though I was gentle as I know how.


To be honest the main conclusion seems to be "use fresh seed" and that warmth is good but not essential.

Now, what am I going to do with all this parsley?