Grow What You Can

Welcome to Grow What You Can

Welcome to Grow What You Can. Our aim is to hopefully inspire you to try and grow more things yourself, it's not intended to show you exactly how to grow things as we're not experts and there are far too many excellent books already available.

Everyone has different circumstances so hopefully we will have some ideas for all, everything from growing a few herbs on a windowsill to attempting to grow everything you may need including building materials, fuel and clothing!

At the moment we are living in a typical suburban garden and trying to make as much use of it as possible but plan to move somewhere where we can attempt to grow all we need. This will take quite some time and hopefully the site will expand as we try new projects so please pop back whenever you get a spare moment.

You may ask 'why grow your own?' and rather going into a lengthy reply I'll just say 'why not?'. It's fun, easy and can save a fair amount of money.

Experiements and Trials

Perhaps the most useful thing we will do is to conduct trials and document the results. I've often found many different ways of doing something, some contradicting each other, so we decided to conduct our own trials.

  • To the trials...

    If you have any comments or suggestions then please take a moment to email them to us using the contact details.